Neurodegeneration of Olfactory Structures in Dementia

Online tool to assess the origin of primary progressive aphasias (PPAs) of indistinct neurodegenerative origin (Alzheimer disease vs. behavioral variant Frontotemporal dementia; AD vs. bvFTD). For details please see the following paper: TBD .

After using your software package to perform database comparison*, please fill in the Z-scores of the atlas-based regions of interest below.

* Database comparison enables a user to compare a PET brain scan of a patient to a database of brain images of the same radiotracer composed of scans from confirmed normal individuals.


Please contact the corresponding author if you have any questions or feedback about this tool. Because the here presented tool is based on a relatively limited amount of patients with PPA of indistinct origin, the tool should be used with caution. This tool is designed for education and research purposes only and is not intended in any way to substitute for professional medical advice, consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. This tool is provided as is with no warranty and without obligation by any of the authoring institutions to provide accompanying services or support. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the tool is with those using the tool. This tool has been developed based on one Dutch patient population and still needs to be validated in other cohorts. If you are willing to validate the presented outcome prediction tool, please contact the corresponding author .

This tool only investigates whether metabolism of olfactory circuits as assessed by FDG PET brain imaging can help to distinguish AD from FTD in subjects with or without PPA. The tool does not address other imaging biomarkers, clinical assessment tools or laboratory tests. In addition, it does not provide information on prognosis or outcome. Any individual patient may also have other medical problems which were not included in the building of this Therefore, the NOSE-tool should not be solely relied upon to determine care decisions for any medical condition. Physicians should exercise their own independent clinical judgment and shared decision-making when using the tool.

By using the NOSE-tool, you have acknowledged that: you have read and understood this disclaimer, and you agree to be legally bound by this disclaimer. If you do not agree to be legally bound by this disclaimer, you may not use the NOSE-tool.

Last updated: 2022-02-16